Something New…Again.

I wanted to share a quick announcement.  I’m working with some friends who just launched Fond, a new cooking app that is designed to fix a lot of what’s frustrating about following recipes on your phone.  

As part of this partnership, Fond will offer subscription access to the full catalog of my Chicken Thigh Guy recipes (and eventually recipes from The Weekly Menu as well) through the app.  Subscribing through the link below supports me and my work (and you get early access to a very cool app that makes it easy to follow and cook my recipes at home).

Fond is a new iPhone/iPad app that helps support recipe creators by allowing fans subscription access to content through the unique “Recipe Stream” format.  The Recipe Stream makes cooking from your iPhone or iPad super simple, with built-in timers, no scrolling and everything you need visible in the moment.  For questions or support, please reach out to

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