I’m Drew, the Chicken Thigh Guy. I’m a private chef and food writer living in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve lived and worked all over the United States, and cooking has been part of my life since since childhood. The Chicken Thigh Guy was born of a social media joke, and I decided to run with it. I hope you enjoy the recipes, tips, and techniques found here, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site.

I also write a weekly menu newsletter at http://drewtappan.substack.com. Sign up for a free weekly newsletter comprising one complete menu – often including breads, desserts, sides and even snacks.


Over the past year and a half, a lot of friends, family, and acquaintances have helped me with this project. They’ve tested recipes, eaten a whole lot of chicken, and helped me learn new skills I needed to get to where I am today. They all deserve my thanks. But there are a couple people who really deserve an extra thank you.

My wife Kate has been – as she always is – loving, kind, and incredibly patient with me as I’ve gone headfirst down this … chicken hole? She’s tasted, re-tasted, offered comments and edits, and eaten more chicken than any other time in her life. For her love, patience, and insight, I owe her endless thanks.

My dear friend Erin edited many of the posts you’ll see here, pushing me over countless hours, and from a continent away, to shape sloppy first drafts into clean, consistent prose. Without her, the words you’re reading would be an intolerable mess.