Updates and Additions

I’ve been updating and building out the site over the last few days.

Check out the Equipment page for new additions – as well as handy links to some of the tools I use and recommend.

The Techniques page outlines the basics of some of the techniques used on the site and can help you build on and or develop your own recipes using a few simple building blocks. over the last couple days I’ve added tutorials on:

  • Open Braising – uncovered oven braising for crispy, tender dishes with rich sauces.
  • Stocks – how to make light, dark, and asian style chicken stocks at home to elevate your dishes and allow you to control salt levels better than store bought.
  • Breading – Quick tutorials on both European three step bread crumb breading, and American southern style breading for crispy and tasty fried chicken dishes.

In addition, I’ve added and or update posts with recipes you can cook right now:

Be sure to check out my other food project, The Weekly Menu!

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