How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

If you have not previously tried it, removing the skin and bones from bone-in chicken thighs is a simpler task than you might expect.

Choose a sharp, small knife. A smaller knife blade will be easier to maneuver as you work around the bone to conserve as much meat as possible.
Each piece will have an edge at the bone end where the skin is loose. Work your fingers under the loose skin edge, grab it, and pull it away. The skin should come away in a single piece.
There will be a large deposit of yellow/white fat along one edge, parallel to the bone. Trim as much as possible away with a gentle stroke of the knife.
Make a cut along the bottom of the thigh from one end of the bone to the other, cutting all the way to the bone itself.
Work the tip of your knife along the bone on both sides, cutting the meat away.
One end of the bone has a larger joint. Slide the knife under the bone just in front of the larger end, and draw the knife toward the smaller end of the bone to free that side.
Cut around the larger end of the bone to completely free the bone.
Trim away any remaining cartilage from the larger joint end.