Recipe Development Notes

As neighborhood supermarkets are the most common source for ingredients in the United States, recipes on this site were, for the most part, developed with commodity, conventionally raised chicken purchased pre-cut and packaged at a large grocery store. Organic, free-range, natural, and other production styles should require little to no change in preparations, and in many cases will improve flavor and textures. Some free-range chickens may contain less fat and so may require adjustment in some dishes.

Since it is the most common approach in American households, volumetric measurements in imperial units were utilized in the development of these recipes.

As different brands can sometimes have different textures, there may be minor variances in volumes. In the development of this site, the following brands of common ingredients were utilized:

Diamond Crystal Salt
King Arthur All-Purpose (AP) Flour
Rumford Baking Powder
Argo Cornstarch

Butter, unless specified, is unsalted, commodity, American-style, 80% butterfat butter.

Milk, unless specified, is whole milk. Buttermilk is commodity brand cultured buttermilk.

White wine, unless specified, is domestic, dry white wine, such as Sutter Home Chardonnay. Red wine, unless otherwise specified, is a domestic Pinot Noir, such as Sutter Home or other commodity, Napa Valley, Pinot Noir. Other wines or varieties may contain more or less sugar or acid and may somewhat change the flavor and textures of preparations.

Prepared curry pastes and coconut milk used in some dishes are made by the widely-available brand Thai Kitchen. Fish sauce used in development is made by either Three Crabs or Squid, which are brands that are available in better grocery stores or at Asian markets.

AP all-purpose
° degrees
Lb pound
Opt optional
Oz ounce
Qt quart
Sub substitute
Tbsp tablespoon
Tsp teaspoon
*NB: all temperatures are Fahrenheit